Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle method of detection and correction that encourages the child’s natural healing.

Babies    ·    Older Children


Many children suffer from chronic anxiety which results in poor sleep and an overwrought nervous system. Primitive reflexes can be retained and eating an digestive problems arise. As the child progresses learning disabilities related to sensory non-integration will often appear. If these issues are not addressed osteopathically in the body the child may continue to struggle with learning throughout their life. These physical issues are often listed under the vast umbrella of autism. It is in this area that Louise has particular expertise and experience with having run clinics in Australia and overseas.



The birthing process is often difficult; both mother and baby can experience a degree of physical stress and restriction associated with it. The highly cartilaginous bones of the babies head are soft and flexible enough to shift and move as the baby makes its way through the birth canal. Sometimes however, the baby gets stuck in a particular position and is unable to progress. This can cause a compression or a tightness at the base of the skull of between the cranial bones which in turn can lead to other symptoms causing the baby to feel uncomfortable and unsettled.

Other more traumatic and potentially problematic births can result from:

1. Forceps delivery
2. Suction extraction
3. Emergency caesarians
4. Prolonged labour

The positioning of the baby in such circumstances can result in the twisting of the babies spinal nerves. This itself can make it difficult for the baby's nervous system to relax post-delivery. Patterns of tension and restrictions in the baby's head and body can make it difficult for the baby to feel comfortable and therefore settle. An unsettled baby may present with:

– Colic/reflux
– Constipation
– Sleep issues
– Problems with latching on in breast feeding
– Misshapen head (plagiocephaly)

Cranio-sacral therapy (CST) has been used to treat these conditions for decades around the world. It is completely safe, effective, gentle and non-invasive. Correction of physical restrictions in this way benefits the child with ongoing good health.



Working with older children in this way is also extremely effective. Children that are not settled as babies often have some difficulty reaching milestones. These can include difficulties with speech, behaviour, learning and anxiety. Many sensory issues arise from an unsettled nervous system. Anxiety and sensory issues are best treated sooner rather than later. Teenagers and young adults can benefit from CST. By balancing the nervous system there is a flow-on effect to the endocrine and immune systems. CST is a gentle way of assisting all people to a more balanced and integrated way of being.